Getting Started

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Whether it's ripping, proofing, or printing, we've got a subscription to suit your workflow.

  Blackmagic — Colour-Perfect Proofing

Blackmagic Pro - Proofing for 1-bit, CTP RIP, PDF and Postscript Files

Blackmagic Bureau - Proofing for PDF and Postscript Files

  Megarip — Print Your Vision

Megarip Pro - Print for Photographic and Design Professionals

Megarip Raster - Print for Photographers and Photo Printers

  Veripress — Precision Soft Proofing

Veripress Pro - Soft Proofing for 1-bit, CTP RIP, PDF & Postscript Files

Veripress Bureau - Soft Proofing for PDF & Postscript Files

save_alt  Download & Install

Blackmagic, Megarip, or Veripress installer packages are available on our Downloads page.

Installing the Serendipity Client for more than one user or computer? You'll need to download the Stand-alone Serendipity Client file too.


Installation Instructions

Select your product (includes steps for installing the Stand-alone Serendipity Client).


check_circle  Activate

Important: An active internet connection is required when activating subscriptions.

Blackmagic Server
Megarip Server
Veripress Server

  • After installation, run the Server application for your subscription.
  • Go to the File Menu > Activate Subscription option.
  • Login with your Serendipity registered ID and password.

That's it! Your subscription is now active.

Note: Activation can only occur if a valid subscription has been purchased.

settings  Configuration

In order to get you up and running, we have outlined a basic configuration method for your software.
The built-in Media Catalogue application is utilised to access the pre-configured Media/Pagesetup/Output combinations.

Once your software has been activated and you're ready to get started, visit the Configuration page.

Need Expert Assitance?

If you have a unique configuration or complicated calibration, contact one of our Experts to arrange support. Fees may apply.

Where Can I Find User Manuals?

User Manuals can be accessed via the Serendipity Client Help Menu, or you can download a PDF by clicking the button below and selecting your subscription.

What are the System Requirements?

You don't need a super computer, but the more grunt you provide, the harder our software will work.

Where Can I Find More Information?

Our FAQ page has a variety of questions that may help you find what you're looking for. You can always Contact Us with any other questions.