Megarip is a versatile, stand-alone RIP and print solution for producing fine art photography, vibrant photo canvas, durable outdoor display, striking screen prints, and vivid textiles.

At Serendipity, we know you need a smart, flexible way to submit, manage and layout your jobs for print to any media, at any size.

We know you need software that expands to give you the processing power to handle big jobs and meet tight deadlines.

Above all, we know you need a precise colour management system that produces images with the same colour, depth and dynamic range captured on camera, or to assure your clients their branding is in safe hands.

Megarip is built for photographers, designers and print professionals who need consistent, high-quality prints from a single desktop printer, or a fleet of large format inkjet printers.

Get The Most Out Of Your Printer

See what Megarip can do for your workflow

Colour Management

Megarip features an ICC v4.2 compliant colour management system that ensures the colour fidelity and consistency of your printed images.

  • True 16-bit processing enhances colour depth and control.
  • Monitor calibration provides colour-accurate previews of jobs before commiting them to print.
  • Advanced linearisation calibrates ink channels and grey-balances your printer.
  • Black Point Compensation converts the full dynamic range of your images to the printer's colour gamut.


Megarip understands a wide range of file formats including TIFF, JPEG, PNG, Photoshop PSD, PDF and postscript.

  • Submit or preview files straight from your desktop with integrated menu options.
  • Place jobs into Drop Folders for automatic processing.
  • Submit jobs directly from any application with Megarip Pro.
  • Use Jobtickets to control colour, size, effects and other print options across one or more printers. Save them with your jobs for exact-match reprints.
  • Display, monitor and manage your jobs during processing and printing.

Studio & Nesting

Megarip features powerful and easy to use Studio application to place images and plan print layouts.

  • Automatic Nesting intelligently arranges jobs to cut print times, minimise waste and reduce labour intensive hand-cutting.
  • 'Canvas Wrap' prints any image ready for professional mounting with gallery, mirrored or coloured edges and back fold.
  • Use Tiling to create billboards of any size.
  • Step-and-repeat allows for easy printing large runs of single or grouped images, or to create textile patterns of any size.
  • Learn more about the Studio application.

Screen Printing

Megarip can function as an affordable inkjet computer-to-plate (CTP) system for producing short-run press plates.

  • Screen Print mode automatically separates files into individual process and spot ink plates for film printing.
  • Print separations using a selected printer ink. Overlay additional inks to increase density or alter the hue of the output film.
  • Customise the screening method, dot shape, screen angle and frequency for each channel.
  • Supercell Mode produces better dot shape and sharp high-quality halftone output.

Printer Control

Megarip uses intelligent ink limiting to achieve optimal colour densities, while consuming the least amount of ink.

  • Paper profiles can be individually tailored to specific media. Ink limiting and dot selection save on ink use without compromising colour density.
  • Monitor your printer's current status, ink levels and remaining media.
  • Load Balancing efficiently manages your output across multiple printers.
  • N-Colour Mode allows textile designers to customise and manage alternate printer ink sets.
  • Support for CMYK, Black and White, RGB and multi-colour print modes.
  • Download printer presets via a built-in Media Catalogue to get you up and printing fast.
  • Learn more about printer control features.

Unlimited Seats, Unlimited Printers

Megarip is a Server/Client based system supporting an unlimited number of local or networked clients at no additional cost.

  • Client interface settings can be individualised or shared with other users.
  • A Secure Mode option allows selective user access to functions and job information.
  • Your subscription gives you access to all supported printer drivers, and allows you to run an unlimited amount of printers.

What our customers have to say about Megarip

We run seven wide-format printers, printing on a range of different media. We ran nesting tests to see whether Megarip would result in reduced media usage. Being a fine art printer, our media can be upwards of $20 per square metre. We calculated approximately 12% media savings through better nesting.

These savings will pay back the purchase price many times over.

Megarip gives us all the control that we need, while still providing a simple interface that our staff can understand. The post sales support is fantastic. We are incredibly happy that we made the switch."

-- Liam Tovey - Owner, Brilliant Prints

Serendipity Software Solutions

We have a range of Subscription products to suit your workflow

  • Megarip Pro Subscription
  • Print anything, at any size, on any media.
    From archival quality photographs, to brilliantly coloured textiles or eye-catching billboards, with Megarip Pro you can print without limits.

  • Input file formats: SVG, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, Scitex CT, Adobe Photoshop PSD, Serendipity Blackmagic Image, Postscript Level 3 RIP - PS, EPS, PDF.

  • Output file formats: HTML, JPEG, PDF, Photoshop EPS (JPEG), PNG, Postscript, PPM, Scitex CT, Serendipity Blackmagic Image, TIFF.

  • Printer Drivers: All supported printer manufacturers and models.

  • Print Directly From Any Application

  • Unlimited Print Size

  • 21-day free trial period*

  • Buy Now
  • Megarip Raster Subscription
  • Master the art of photographic printing.
    From epic landscapes to soulful portraits, in radiant colour or timeless black and white. Photography is an art - Megarip Raster Edition makes photo printing your business.

  • Input file formats: SVG, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, Scitex CT, Adobe Photoshop PSD, Serendipity Blackmagic Image.

  • Output file formats: HTML, JPEG, PDF, Photoshop EPS (JPEG), PNG, Postscript, PPM, Scitex CT, Serendipity Blackmagic Image, TIFF.

  • Printer Drivers: All supported printer manufacturers and models.

  • Print Supported Files Using Drag and Drop

  • Unlimited Print Size

  • 21-day free trial period*

  • Buy Now

*only available on first subscription. See our Terms for details and conditions.

Created with your business in mind

See how Megarip's features can work for you.


Print billboards, canvas wraps, or professional photos quickly and easily with the Studio application.

Simply drag and drop images into the layout area.

Combine multiple images, or step and repeat the same one. With a variety of helpful tools and an easy to use interface, Studio can handle it all.

Learn more about the Studio application.

Media Catalogue

The Media Catalogue is a comprehensive collection of presets created by our colour experts and dealer partners.

Constantly expanding, the Media Catalogue is there to help you start printing as quickly as possible. No need to worry about paper or colour profiling, that's all been done for you. Just select a driver, install the media and you're ready to go.

Display Calibration

Keep your monitors calibrated with the Displays application, ensuring what you see on screen is what you see in print.

Displays automatically adjusts screen gamma, brightness levels and white point to suit your proofing environment. Use a supported spectrophotometer to calibrate displays and light booths, or measure ambient light sources.

Calcheck management maintains your monitor colour at a press proofing standard.


The SoftProof application uses monitor ICC colour management to display colour accurate previews onscreen.

Full high DPI (4K / UHD) monitor support provides true print quality previews.

Real-time, multi-resolution zooming of large print files, and a Virtual Loupe allow the smallest job details to be checked before committing to print.

Learn more about the SoftProof application.

C5 Client

C5 is a streamlined user-interface for use with Megarip as an alternative to using the Serendipity Client.

C5 has its own unique design with access to Studio, SoftProof application functions, job management tools and more.

Job Management

Take complete control of your job workflow.

Monitor and manage submitted files with the Jobs application.

Use Jobtickets to configure processing options like resampling methods, rendering effects, ICC profiles and automatic nesting.

The Workbench application is the configuration hub for the entire colour management workflow.

Serendipity Updater

Keep your software up to date with the integrated Serendipity Updater application.

The Updater tracks your current installation status and automatically checks for available software updates, maintenance patches and new drivers.

Customisable Interface

Each Serendipity Client can be tailored to individual user preferences.

Choose one or more pre-set tabs in the Jobs workflow monitoring application, then configure them to show the information you need, the way you want to see it.

Interface options including a Dark theme, allow the client to seamlessly integrate with your desktop environment.

Discover more Serendipity Colour Management Tools